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Superchic[k] Tricia Brock's Solo Project "The Road" Drops June 7th
by SOURCE: Vining Media on 2011-05-02 15:46:27
May 2, 2011 - (Nashville, TN) - Tricia Brock, the frontwoman of the GRAMMY-nominated rock band Superchick, has announced she is releasing her first solo effort, The Road, on June 7th (Inpop Records). While Superchick is still very much a band and currently in the studio recording for their next project and on tour throughout this summer and fall, Brock couldn't resist God's calling to release a worship project.

While fronting her band, Tricia Brock never set specific plans to record a side project but last year, she literally found herself in a spiritual desert in between Superchick's album recordings while also constantly feeling a call to lead worship. She soon realized that now was the time she used her voice to offer the musical worship that she was called to by God, and she began paving the way for The Road.

The songs from The Road are a departure from the well-known rock sound of Superchick, yet will take the listener down a refreshing new take on Brock's contrasting – yet recognizable - musical path. The album, produced by Brock's husband Nick Baumhardt (Stellar Kart, FM Static, Thousand Foot Krutch), is a collection of songs meant to breathe hope and to inspire new life into a battling heart. “We may be broken, but we’re never destroyed,” the album’s lyrics proclaim. Brock wa nts to share that at times the listener may feel without hope, but there’s no need to fear. Hope, refuge and strength are always with us when we are with God.

The Road features unique versions of “Always” and “Jesus I Am Resting, Resting,” in addition to new tunes, many which are co-written by Brock and come from deep moments from her personal journal. The project’s first single is “You Are My Shepherd,” which is currently at AC radio.

The first on the project, “Breath Of God,” creates the image of how just one breath from God can give us life, while “Lean” shares a time in Brock's life where writing songs of worship was difficult, feeling like God had completely disappeared. “Impossible” showcases the life and power in the name of God, that with Him nothing is impossible. A special moment on the project is the last song where Brock is joined by her father on "Broken For Love's Sake."

The Road is also offering a digital deluxe version on iTunes that will include two bonus songs, "Desert Song" and "Your Grace Is Amazing." A two-week pre-sale campaign is already set with iTunes.

“This world isn’t about me,” Tricia Brock explains. “If I have one purpose to fulfill during my time on this earth, it’s to bring someone closer to God through the love and compassion that He’s given me… however that may be. How can you stand in front of a crowd and preach the news of the Lord’s boundless love without doing everything in your power to model your life after His?”

If Tricia Brock is traveling the world with Superchick in sold-out arenas or leading worship as a solo artist for an intimate Sunday morning service, she sings songs that resonate with anyone who is longing with a passion for justice, an authenticity of faith or a restructuring of a heart’s foundation.

“Whether the message shared in The Road brings you tears of joy or pain, you are welcome here, and through the words that God has shared with me, my hope is that none of you will walk away unchanged,” Tricia adds.

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