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On December 10th rock group Silverline announced that they would be disbanding. Check out their post from Facebook below.

"Dear Friends and Family,

Silverline has existed for one purpose since the beginning, to preach the gospel to those who have not heard and to inspire believers to grow in their faith. What began in a basement in 1997 in Fort Ripley, Minnesota grew to become the biggest adventure we have ever experienced. Taking us around the country dozens of times and across oceans, what more could young men ask for than a chance to travel the world and live out our dream. A dream to play music, meet people and share a message of hope. That Jesus loves them and has a plan for their life. Sometimes I wonder how many hours we have put into this. We used to practice from after school until the sun would rise on a regular basis. Building gear, fixing vehicles, driving countless hours to shows, setting up, playing and hanging out. Song writing, recording, interviews and meetings almost 17 years this journey has gone. It’s like they say, “when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!” Some have come and gone but the heart of Silverline has never changed.

It is a bittersweet time for us. As memories of the past few years of touring flash through our heads to watching our kids get older and start school. We find ourselves being stretched. We feel blessed to have shared our hearts and lives with thousands of you around the world. It’s not the music as much as the people and memories made that make this decision tough. That being said, in 2015 Silverline will cease to exist. This decision is hard but feels right. This band has been the absolute biggest part of our life, for some of us 17 years, others 4 and 5 years. We may be brand new to you but we’ve actually been touring since 9th and 10th grade and most of us are in our thirties now. Whenever a band calls it quits everyone wants to know the real reason. Was there a fight? Is it about money? Sometimes bands leave so vague. I’m going to tell you why. Silverline has been about you, not us, and you deserve to know.

Honestly there is no drama. We are best of friends and get along great. There is no money to fight over and no one is mad. It’s a combination of many, many things. I think the leading reason is family. There are now 9 Silverline kids and all of us are married. You might not realize it but we have been on the road for 80-100 shows a year for the past 10 years. Not to mention a few months every so often to record albums. That’s a lot of time away from home. That’s a lot of phone calls to little ones asking when Daddy is coming home. That’s a lot of days for our wives to line up child care, work jobs and tend to our families while we are away. It’s a lot of time for our wives to spend evenings alone at home. Our wives are the real heroes of this operation. Without their heart and sacrifice we would have never reached any form of success. Five to six months a year is just too long to leave. Honestly I don’t know how they did it! This has been the biggest part of our lives, dictating schedules and demanding all of our energy. We want to put that same energy into raising our kids and loving our wives. They deserve all we have!

We have never been in this to “make it big” it’s mostly been just about reaching out to hurting people. That being said, bills at home don’t get paid by good intentions, they get paid with money. Some people may not realize it but after gas, booking, management, breakdowns, food, lodging and a hundred other things there just isn’t any money left after tour. All of us have worked almost every day we are home the entire time to stay alive. That means paying 12 months of bills with 6-7 months of work. The only way we have ever made it was by the blessing of God and the support of friends along the way. People we have met at shows and churches have blessed us and helped us out innumerable times.

Another reason is the music industry is changing. Sure the big names still do fine but there is a reason that a lot of mid level bands are dropping out of the race. With digital music being accessible for free by anyone it isn’t like the old days. Sure you’ll read some genius on Facebook talking about how digital music stealing doesn’t hurt anyone but it’s just not true. Shows and touring attendance is massively down across the board. Not just for us but every genre. Even a lot of music festivals are hurting or closing their doors. This isn’t a huge reason for us but it doesn’t help.

We have slept on floors and in 5 star hotels. We’ve eaten $200 meals and ramen for weeks. We’ve played for crowds of thousands and for five kids. We’ve done everything we’ve ever hoped to do and more. We’ve seen demons cast out, healings and people find restoration in their lives. We’ve toured in a bus and in small vans. We’ve been loved and hated. We have had five #1 radio singles, a couple record deals and lived more life in these past years than most do in a hundred. Through it all we have lived our dream. Through it all we feel blessed. Although it is hard to walk away we feel it is our time.

We toyed with the idea of just playing a few shows a year and changing up our scheduling but ultimately we decided that if we couldn’t put our energy and passion into it that it just wouldn’t be worth it. It wouldn’t be the same. We have poured our lives into this and that’s what made it work. If we do something we want to do it well and not just coast through. It doesn’t mean we are done in music. RyanEdberg has been working on some worship music and Steve has started a project with his wife Amber called Emerald Anchor. I’m sure Nate and C.C. will join us occasionally and may start musical projects of their own. We hope you will continue to follow us in our journeys ahead. One thing is for sure our heart for ministry will continue through every thing we do until the day we die! To those who have been a part of the journey we say thanks! Mat Adams, Dean Goossen, Andrew Raboin, Adam Rademacher, Isaac Nelson, Luke Widseth, Zach Barthel and Luke Torg, men who have stood beside us, thank you for your service. To the countless supporters who have loved us along the way, thank you! I’d start naming names but I’d miss someone and never hear the end of it! You know who you are!

Where do we go from here?

We have a few shows left on our schedule that we will be performing and we will most likely plan a few more next year possibly ending with a few festivals in the summer. We aren’t exactly sure yet, but if you like us, you better start planning to come see us one last time in 2015. We’ll keep you posted on our facebook page and bands in town app.

So that’s about it. That’s where we are. No regrets, just looking to the future for whatever God has in store. If any of you have pictures of us or with us, please post them. If you have a story to tell please share it! We love you all. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for everything!

sorrow you have no place here and pain you can not stay
there is healing when I speak this name
grave where is thy Victory and Death where is your sting
you have no control or hold on me
there is peace when I speak this name

When I speak your name there's Healing
When I speak your name there's Peace
When I speak your name there's Hope
When I speak your name

Please accept this as our letter of resignation with love and respect-

Steve – Ryan – Nate – C.C.

From our hearts to you –
Thank you and goodnight."


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