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Tricia Brock on The Road
by Cara Fisher
Contributer on 2011-05-31 16:20:48
After twelve years and six albums as Superchick frontwoman, Tricia Brock goes solo with her first worship album "The Road". She talks with CMADDICT Contributor Cara Fisher about her new album.

You’re about to release your first solo record, The Road. What inspired you to write this album?"

About a year and a half ago… I guess probably the last five years, I’ll start there, I started thinking about all of these projects I wanted to do. And I was thinking that it would just have to wait until someday after Superchick because of how busy we are and all of that. But then I got married a few years ago and my husband is a writer and producer, so I kind of felt like in between our schedules maybe we should just start writing and just see what happens.

So we sat down with my record label and told them kind of my ideas for a few albums actually, and they said they would love to sign me as a solo artist and what do we want to start with. At the time I felt like a worship album. It was meant to be the first thing I come out and do. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do my whole life- to write some worship and maybe branch out into that a little bit, be able to go and lead worship and share kind of a little bit more of an intimate setting.

We started a little bit over a year ago writing for the record and looking through songs. And part of it was that we had sort of seen a lot of struggles and kind of… we’re nearing three years of marriage, and it’s really been good and bad. It’s been a rollercoaster- not really even our marriage but around us, things in our lives and people in our lives just struggling through health issues and things. So it’s been a tough time, and I felt like this was what God was calling me to, to kind of dive into the heart of worship more and to give Him more time to seek what He wants for me next. It’s been an interesting process as an adult to find God in the good and the bad and to believe in Him in the times when there’s a lot of struggle going on around me. You can ask a lot of questions and not always get answers. But to know that you’re faith is really grounded enough that He’s still loving you even in those times.

And so I knew that this was what I was meant to do first. And definitely as the process has gone on I’ve seen that He’s reminded me that this is where I’m meant to be, this is the right thing at the right time. And it’s these very songs, that we’ve written and that some of the other writers had given us to use, that have been exactly what I’ve needed at this point in my life. So it’s been a really cool process.

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Can you share the story behind “Lean?”

Yeah, I had a list of some of my favorite old hymns when we went into the writing process and one of them was “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms.” So I was hoping to incorporate some of those into these songs. And this is the one where the day we wrote, my idea was kind of coming from a place of the year before my mom had had a heart attack and we almost lost her. And seeing that place for her and my dad- the pressure of the medical bills even after and just really having a heavy heart for them and for other people in my life, who I’m seeing really trudge through difficult times and still holding on to their faith really had inspired me.

So the idea really I had was just picturing these people, these broken, weary people just dragging themselves to the cross and leaning on it, and asking God to rescue and asking God to relieve their soul and to give a little bit of peace and time of renewal. I think we all know what it’s like to see someone in our life struggling and struggling, and you just start to pray on their behalf. You see someone so weary and you think, how long can they go like this? And it’s really tough to see people you love that way. And so they were kind of the inspiration for this song- that just visual of us, any of us that need it. Whatever it takes, get as close to Him as we can, and just call on Him and ask Him to rescue us.

What do you hope that people take away from this album?

Most of the people that I’ve talked with, even in my interviews, it seems like from listening to these eleven songs they can kind of see my heart and see where I am. And that to me was really encouraging because I wanted this to be a reflection of me. I didn’t want to just cover ten worship songs that someone else wrote and have it just be a record to release and hopefully sell records. But my heart was really to go out with this album and to lead worship in churches and to share stories and to share where God’s brought me in the last few years and to share even my struggles with people, so that we can encourage each other and find God together through those places.

So I really do pray that people see my heart in these songs and even get to know me better. I think as an artist you want to connect with the people who buy your music, who are looking for something new to kind of encourage and inspire them to listen to in their car or their iPod. So I feel like it’s really an honor to be a musician and to be a songwriter and to know that my words can possibly inspire. As a worship album the pressure felt so huge to be genuine and to know that every session we wrote it wasn’t just a song, but I’m hoping that this leads someone into a deeper place with God, that whatever place they’re in that they connect and that it does something good to their soul, that through our broken places that we learn to find God and believe in Him and know that He comes to the rescue even if He hasn’t yet. And that’s, I think, a place that we all come to as we grow up.

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Do you plan on doing a solo tour?

I do, but I don’t know that it will ever happen as like a tour, like a two-month tour. I’m pretty much going to be booking shows in between Superchick touring. But if as Superchick we ever decide to take off for a season I definitely will try to take advantage of that. But we usually don’t take off a season. So what I’m going to do is just really book around my schedule with Superchick. Right now, Superchick is working on a new album of ours too. So it’s a busy schedule, and so far, what I’m doing is doing one of my songs at the end of the Superchick set. So that way I’m still getting to share it and tell people about it. And we are starting to book up, and I really want it to be like worship night with people. We don’t need a big sound system or a lighting rig or anything like that- really like the opposite of a concert and performance, but I really want it to feel like a night of worship and that we can all find something deeper through it.
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