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Austin French On His New Single, Marriage, and Rising Star
by Michael Tackett on 2015-04-27 09:29:26
Austin: First off thank you so much for your prayers!! I have been so encouraged and humbled how the body of Christ has really wrapped us up in prayer and I can tell you it has been so effective. God has given peace and is continuing to bring healing to my dad! So thank you for being a part of our life through the prayers you are praying :)

Michael: What have you been up to since Rising Star?

Austin: Life has definitely not slowed down but seems to have sped up after the show. I’m now a very blessed married man, a touring artist, and continue to be a worship pastor. Easily said, life is a lot crazier these days. Since the show I have been amazed at the team that God has surrounded me with. Through these people God has been opening doors that I never thought possible. I’ve been writing a lot in Nashville with some incredible writers, and have even gotten to see my dream of meeting with Record Label A&R’s come true. I’m having an incredible time just following wherever God sends me!

Michael: Having been on Rising Star, what was something from the show that has stuck with you and will continue to stick with you?

Austin: Being on the show came with a lot of surreal moments, but one stands out above the rest. During the last week on the show I had the opportunity to fly out to a Josh Groban Concert in DC and share the stage with him during a song. Along with the performance I was able to watch the entire show from the side of the stage and I’ll never forget it. As I watched I discovered that Josh wasn’t just entertaining people but he found a way to connect to 8,000 people at one time. I was amazed and inspired. What I took away was the desire to not just make great music, or entertain a crowd, but to connect to my audiences in a lasting way.

Michael: The new song called, Lead the Way, is really good! Great vibe and very upbeat! How did that song come about?

Austin: I am so pumped about this single!! So glad you like it! This song is a true look into the struggles I had this past summer. I really struggled with even doing Rising Star. My wedding date was August 1st and it landed in the middle of the show. What’s cool about the whole story is that I told the show no several times. In fact it took a non-believer casting producer to ask me to pray about it before I really surrendered to what God wanted me to do. Talk about a wake up call. From that moment I did’t know what God was up to but I knew I was in for wherever He was taking me.

I talked earlier about the incredible team God has surrounded me with, and one of those people would be my producer Jeff Pardo. Jeff knew we needed to write a song about the struggle and I was all in. We started writing just a truthful verse and came out with an anthem of surrender on the chorus. This songs is a reminder to me everyday to continue let Jesus lead the way in my life.

Michael: What are some of your musical influences?

Austin: I love all music. Growing up with my mom teaching music in our home I naturally was hooked on music. Grew up on the classic Christian Music, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Avalon, Mark Shultz, and then transitioned to Hillsong UNITED, Switchoot, and Chris Tomlin. I would say recently, as an artist, some of my stylistic influences would be One Republic, Maroon 5 and Coldplay.

Michael: What are you currently listening too?

Austin: Currently I’m really in to the new for King and Country album as well as One Republic's hit album.

Michael: What has God been teaching you lately?

Austin: God is teaching me that I don’t hold the future. I know it may sound like a pretty obvious truth but I really have understood that truth in a big way lately. Of course the show was something I never had planned or thought possible but recently my dad was in a car accident. Currently he is in critical condition in the ICU. I never saw this coming and it was a huge surprise to get a phone call about my dad being rushed to the hospital. Through the past few weeks I’ve been told my dad wasn’t going to make 5 times or more and then he ends up pushing through. The truth is I don’t know if my dad will make it through this but I do know that none of this has God off-guard. I’ve been reminded that in the chaos of my present reality God has already written my tomorrow. I don’t hold my life together but He does. So God has taught me that I can’t count for what happens tomorrow, but in my present, God is all I really need.

Michael: If you could have one guest artist on the track, who would it be?

Austin: Definitely Joel and Luke Smallbone from for King and Country. I really love their music and style and would love to bring that to a song on my album.

Michael: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Austin: I would love to see myself on the road changing the world with the Gospel. I want to see people give their life for Jesus and I want to be apart of that. I would love to have a couple records completed and maybe even produce one on my own. I want to start a family with my beautiful wife and have a kid, or kids. Ultimately I don’t want to see my self slow down. What I mean by that is my drive and my first focus would always be sharing Jesus to everyone around me.

Michael: Congrats on being newly married! Having been married almost one year, what is one word of advice you would give newlyweds?

Austin: Being married is incredible! Marriage is hard work and the most rewarding thing this side of Heaven. I’m still figuring it out after almost a year of being married and I learn something everyday! If I could offer some advice it would be to don’t get caught up in tomorrow. As newlyweds it’s easy to plan. You try to plan kids, the house, the bonus, but don’t forget about the journey that you have everyday together as you get there. Love God more and you will learn to love each other more than you thought you ever could.

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