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DJ Maj Hits Deep
by David Bunce
Contributor on 2013-11-18 15:59:26
A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to have the chance to interview Christian DJ Mike Allen, who goes by the name DJ Maj. Currently, DJ Maj is working on an upcoming tour with Christian Award winning artist TobyMac on his “Hits Deep Tour”

David: How did you come up with the name DJ Maj?

Dj Maj: When I was coming up as a DJ, the guy that kind of helped me get into it knew I had a fascination with illusions. I wanted to find a way to incorporate magic into the DJ scene. Setting records on fire, making stuff disappear and so on… So, he said “You should call yourself DJ magic.” And I started going by that name. I had a few gigs in clubs, basically anywhere I could go. So I took it on and then started working in the Christian genre next.

David: You began working in the Christian music genre before you were a Christian?

Yeah, it was a local Christian rapper that reached out to me and didn’t care that I wasn’t a Christian. One thing led to another and I started hanging out with him and his family. And ultimately I gave my live to the Lord. Maj was who I was so I stuck with the name… No big thesis or dissertation to give ya, it’s just a nickname. I was one of the only people in my area doing what I was doing. Mixtape format and all that, Toby (Mac) got wind of it, and said this is a guy I really want to work with.

David: And now you live in Nashville? Are you originally from there?

DJ Maj: I’m originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. But now I’ve lived in Nashville for… oh, the last 10+ years? A lot less pollen up here!

David: I’m jealous, Florida is definitely not lacking in pollen amounts!
Who would you consider to be your greatest influence on your music?

DJ Maj: DJ Dove, DJ Cartoon, Freedom of Soul, there are so many... Stylistically, British Urban Radio has had an influence on me, I really like the sound and the new dubstep movement that is in today’s music. I started enjoying some Daft Punk and Skrillex.

David: I recently listened to and really enjoyed your newest single release, “UK”, what inspired that song?

DJ Maj: Great question, I grew up in band trombone player in band in HS. As a DJ I hear a lot of different styles. And I’m in an environment of a lot of diversity US, Swiss, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Australia, There’s so much music nowadays and so I was inspired by the travelling I’d done. It’s also a bit of a play-on-words. The United Kingdom is about the Kingdom of God.

David: What would you most like people to gain from listening to your music?

DJ Maj: I want to be a person that honors God and his kingdom and displays true Christianity in my music. We fall, we mismanage our money, make mistakes, there is a human side to being Christian that I feel has been lost today. And what has been lost is our ability to be relatable. I love God, I love music, and I love to love life. I want to communicate there is joy. And the way to that joy is through knowing Jesus.

David: I understand you’re beginning a new tour with Toby Mac, can you tell us anything about the “Hits Deep Tour”?

DJ Maj: The Hits Deep tour is Toby’s creation, I’m there to support Him and his vision. One cool thing about this fall will be our visit to Madison Square Garden for the first time.

David: I was able to see you and Toby together last year at Winter Jam, What did you think of being a part of the Winter Jam experience?

DJ Maj: Winter Jam is a great tour to be on because you really are a part of a family. We are constantly going, going, going. But in down time we goof off, play football, corn hole, and it’s just a great experience.

David: What about new music… can we anticipate anything coming soon?

DJ Maj: We already have a few remixes of my new song “UK” which will be released pretty soon, from a lot of different parts of the world, South Africa, the Netherlands, Australia, (and more). I’ve also been in the studio with Chris August recently; we’ve been working on some stuff together.

Connect with DJ Maj: Website - Facebook - Twitter

Click here for more info on the Hits Deep Tour
Click here to download the "Gym Gems" Mini-Mix

As his website states… “(DJ Maj) plans to release his next full length project in the summer of 2014.”

It was really great to speak with DJ Maj, he has a big heart for God, people, and music! And after hearing some future plans and collaborations, I think there will be some more great music coming from DJ maj! SO be sure to stay plugged in here at CMADDICT for more!
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