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Write This Down's Lost Weekend
by Jon Fisher on 2012-05-31 14:56:50
CMADDICT contributor Jon Fisher talks with Write This Down's guitarist Nate Rockwell about the music industry, touring, and their new project "Lost Weekend".

1. I really enjoyed your first CD, "Write This Down".  It stayed in my CD player in the car for a solid month.  How difficult was it coming up with songs for the new CD, "Lost Weekend"?

It wasn't as easy as we'd hoped, to say the least.  We had many ideas, concepts, and parts, but nothing cohesive.  When the time came to actually send in demos, we knew it was crunch time.  So we made the decision to pack up the van with our gear and head to Chad's grandparent's cabin in northern Wisconsin to come together, relax, create, and apply all of our talents into making our plan for Lost Weekend.  As a constant touring band, it's difficult to cultivate creativity at a hotel here, or a green room there, so we tried something some would say is "out there", but I believe it was the best way to get our minds wrapped around the prodigal themes and concepts of this record.  

2. I really like "I'll Make You Famous" which is pretty cynical.  Is it more critical of the music industry or the fickleness of music fans? 

It is definitely a jab at the music industry in some ways; however, it trickles down to how we as a society react and make decisions based on what the top 40 is telling us to do.  This is our ironic and humorous take at what seems to be happening to this generation's take on popular music.

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3. I also enjoyed "Florida Rage".  What is the song about and what was the inspiration for this song? 

This is a personal account of cyclical patterns that emerged in our lives over the course of touring for a few months, then sitting at home for a couple weeks making decisions our mothers would not be proud of.  It is an honest and cutting message of a band trying to do good, while consistently reverting to bad. The anger and resentment that comes with not being able to right the ship is essentially what this song is all about.

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4. Is there any particular favorite song of yours on the new CD and why? 

Because I haven't played most of them live, it's a biased decision; my favoritisms tend to lean more towards the best live tracks.  If I had to pick just one, currently, it would be the album closer "Song and Dance".  I really enjoyed tracking that one with guitar and shouting my lungs out.  It has a ridiculous amount of feel and honesty that really ends the record nicely.

5. I've seen you twice, once at Creation East on the Fringe stage and out in western PA at a church when you were touring with Disciple and Project 86.  Do you have a preference for the larger festivals or playing clubs/churches? 

Depends on temperature, really.  Cornerstone last year was like being pushed too close to a fire.  Generally speaking, though, as a band we prefer a little more intimacy with our music than larger festivals.  Club shows always give us the opportunity to hang out afterwards.  That's important to us.

6. Do you have any plans for a tour to support the CD? 

We currently have two tours lined up back to back June through August.  The Lost Weekend Tour and DisTOURtion 2012. As always, we will be playing the majority of the bigger festivals throughout the summer.

7. How receptive is the Minneapolis area for Christian artists? 

We've never had a problem or a bad reception in Minneapolis because of our belief in God.  Before we were signed, we played with anyone and everyone, anywhere at any time.  We never shoved our beliefs into an audience's face, but we made our hearts known between songs or near the end of sets.  Minneapolis has always been Write This Down's HQ.  We love being here and playing here.    

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8. What bands, Christian or secular, do you consider influential? 

The short list would include Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Nirvana. 

9. Are there any particular areas of outreach that you are passionate about?

I can't say enough about the RYFO organization, providing homes, meals, and laundry to all of us wayward band-type guys.  To Be Free is an amazing outreach that targets sex trafficking. RadioU, an independent radio station out of Columbus, OH does an amazing job reaching our generation through music while providing bands with lodging and food anytime they're traveling through.  Music is our outreach and our passion, and any way the church or Christians as a whole can utilize music as a positive, it gets us extremely stoked.

10. What is your favorite passage of scripture and why?

Proverbs 3:3-6 was a constant reminder throughout my life, it has always been a favorite.  In reference to Lost Weekend, Luke 15:11-32 would be a solid choice as well. Naturally.
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