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Alive City

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Walk In Love
Brady Toops

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Joe Hardy

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O Little Town Of Bethlehem
JJ Heller

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The Incandescent

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God Is With Us

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Praise To The Lord, The Almighty
Joseph & Sara Tracy

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Danny O'Callaghan

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Alive In Me
Highlands Worship

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I'll Follow You
The Rubyz

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Only You (ft. Evan Wickham)
Young Oceans

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And For All
The Quiet Science

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Call Upon Me

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K. Sparks

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Did You Hear It?
Salt Of The Sound

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Benediction Live
The City Harmonic

Release Date: June 23, 2017
Reviewer: Jay Wright
Rating: 5 stars
Vertical Church Band - Frontiers (Official Music Video)

2017-06-22 09:53:26
Slightly Obsessed #186: When the Path Ahead Is Fearsome

The room was dark and shadowed, the only sound within its walls the rhythmic whoosh of the ventilator beside my son’s bed. I sat on an uncomfortable chair jammed into one corner of the room. In the faint light that fell from the window across the pages of the Bible I held, I tried to corral my stampeding fears long enough to find some comfort from God’s Word. Outside the door of his room, a cacophony of voices from the nurses’ station jarred our shattered nerves.
ESPN broadcast of 2017 NBA Draft to feature Rawsrvnt's "There Go That Man"

Now that the Golden State Warriors have been

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