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Slightly Obsessed #161 "A Breath Away From Betrayal"

A physical illness sent me into a spiritual crisis of faith. But in my resentment toward God, I nearly betrayed someone else.
Slightly Obsessed #160 "Is It Real Or Just Raw?"

Most people today like to "keep it real." No one likes a phony. But where do we draw the line between real and raw?
Slightly Obsessed #159 "Volcano"

Our youngest son was married in a beautiful ceremony last weekend. For us, it was the culmination of months of harried activity not only preparing for the wedding, but basically restoring our tired-looking yard for the rehearsal dinner.
Slightly Obsessed #158 "Like A Bride, Waiting"

She stands on the church stage with the other members of the worship team, singing the chorus to a Chris Tomlin song in her clear soprano. “Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a church ready for you.” At the words, she glows.
Slightly Obsessed #157 "Eyes Wide Open"

Our youngest son is being married soon, and the rehearsal dinner will be held in our large side yard in the country. It’s ignited a frantic attempt to bring our log cabin and yard up to Idaho standards, which means taking down the chicken wire around the old chicken run, slashing a path through the weeds that have wandered over from the neighboring pasture, and spreading a truckload of bark over the dry hillside.
Slightly Obsessed #156 "The Promise"

January, not July, is traditionally the month for resolutions. It’s the symbolic equivalent of a new beginning, that time of year we make all kinds of promises to ourselves and others. But New Year’s promises are notorious for not surviving past January. Most of us have forgotten our resolutions by July.
Slightly Obsessed #155 "Armed And Dangerous"

Our nation is embroiled in a battle over national security in the wake of recent shootings. A 2015 poll found that American’s fear of terrorism here and abroad is at a peak not seen since the 9/11 attacks. As Christians, we understand that our enemy is not a human or a nation. But are we aware of the seriousness of the warfare against us?
Slightly Obsessed #154 "Outcry"

Do you feel like no one ever hears you? Sometimes I feel insignificant in this loud, crazy world, one small life among billions. I wonder if anyone would hear if I fell in the forest. Or in church or on a street. But then, I remember. God hears.
Slightly Obsessed #153 "Why 2 Chronicles 7:14 May Not Mean What You Think"

The temple of God was something King David longed to build for his people. But God wouldn't allow him the privilege, because he was a man of war. So David prepared the materials, and the task was fulfilled by his son, Solomon.

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