10 Best Ways To Promote Your Music.
by Kevin Thorson on 2016-10-27 13:52:41


1. Know your audience and brand

Branding your music is very important for effectively promoting your music. It helps your music stand out and gives you ways to know your target audience. It also helps when it comes to making new music by giving it direction. What exactly is branding? Branding is a combination of your artist name, symbol or logo, and your style. It's the things that make up your band, make you standout, and make your fans remember you. Coming up with a great brand is a huge part of getting your music recognized. If you're here you probably already have a name and style, consider getting a logo for your band, it's recognizable plus it works great on t-shirts and merchandise. Thousand Foot Krutch does an excellent job of this.

2. Be social

If you want the most exposure for your band you have to have a social presence online, and on as many places as possible. Here's a list of the top places you should be:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Bandcamp
• Soundcloud
• YouTube

Social media interaction is incredibly important for building your fan base and promoting your music. It's not just about posting your music and videos, but it's about relationships. Spend time talking and interacting with your followers and fans. Be sure to talk to them so it's visible to other followers. You want interaction, it's vital to building a strong fan base:

• Post event images on Instagram.
• Make your music available on Soundcloud.
• Interact with your followers frequently on Twitter and Facebook and share info between all your social media accounts.
• When you make that killer music video, post it to YouTube and share it everywhere.

Social media marketing is easily one of the best ways to promote your music.

3. Pick your best song and go with it

What is your best song? It's your fan's favorite, possibly not your favorite. Whatever THAT song is, that's the one you should run with:

• Make a lyric video with THAT song.
• Get THAT song on local radio.
• Give THAT song away.
• Tell people about THAT song.

Use it wisely and widely to promote the rest of your music. If people like it, they'll want more.

4. Make a lyric video and upload it to your YouTube account

Lyric videos and even just audio videos are an easy way to share your music. Say you have a new album coming out, what better way to promote it than with a lyric video. If you have the right tools, it's fairly easy to do, or you can have someone make one for you. Once you have it built and uploaded to YouTube it's really easy to share:

• Post it to Facebook and Twitter.
• Send it to your friends.
• Submit it to online publications to add to their video databases.
• Put it in a press release and press kit.
• Add it to your website.
• Use it at a live event

5. Give away a free song download

Yes, giving away your music is sometimes hard to swallow after all the work you put into it, but it pays off in huge ways. First of all alot of artists make the mistake in thinking that you make your money from album sales, but that's mostly only true if you're very popular. But in reality all artists make their money from tours and events. Giving away music is another incredibly effective way to build your fan base, even if it's just one song. That's why you pick your most popular song, you know, the one with the catchy lyrics and great melody. Give that song away and you'll have fans wanting more. Just make sure that wherever you give it away that there are links to buy or hear the rest of the album. Don't let a free download go to waste! Get your links in there. See this page as an example

6. Get a good website

Most people going to your website are looking for info about who you are and where they can reach you and get your music. A website doesn't have to be complicated and expensive, it just needs the right info fans are looking for:

• Artist bio
• Tour/Event info
• Links to hear and purchase music
• News
• Social media links
• Email

7. Send out a press release for new music, new videos, and tour events

Finding contacts to send press releases to can admittedly be hard to do. Some online publications are easier to submit to than others, but that's okay. Once you have your press release ready to go, check out the contact pages for the sites you'd like to submit to and send away. Be sure to include an email along with the press release with a very short introduction to your music and band. Be clear also that it's a press release for immediate release. Editors are very busy so make sure your email is to the point and informative with links. Make it easy and fast.

8. Get business cards to give away at concerts

Yes, absolutely business cards! It's cheap and easy. You never know when someone from an online publication, radio station, or record label might be at your concert. No matter how small your venue is, you should have cards so you can quickly give them out if someone is interested. You can even give them to fans if you want. Important things to have on your cards:

• Artist name (and logo if you have one)
• Website
• Email
• Type of events you do (optional)
• Web URL to a free song (highly recommended, great for promotion)

9. Advertise: It's easier and cheaper than you think

I know, this sounds expensive, but there are ad options available that are quite affordable. For example, CMADDICT uses an ad service called Beacon Ads. It's very simple to sign up and get your ads to thousands of music fans at prices any artist can afford. See our prices Also you can choose from other affordable options on the same location.

10. Make sure your music is available to buy online

This seems like an obvious one, but surprisingly many artists forget to make their music easy to purchase. Your music, at the very least, must be available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. There's no maybes, it should be on both. See the below list on who you should submit your music to and links to do so:

Put your music on iTunes
Put your music on Amazon


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