State of Play #010 "In the Unmaking"
by Andrew Funderburk on 2015-05-15 10:41:04


This past Monday I saw an artist whose lyrical stories have touched many lives, while more recently seeing Prince do a cover of her song, make a return to music after remaining somewhat dormant for almost seven years. On April 23rd, Nichole Nordeman released on her Instagram that her new single “The Unmaking” would be released May 4th. In the recent news of her ending marriage, her new single is made so much more poignant to the listener. In moments of questions, pain, wondering, and misunderstanding that this song portrays, it reminds me of Hosea 6:1b, that says, “…He has torn us, that He may heal us…”

The song asks the questions, “What happens now? When all I’ve made is torn down? What happens next, when all of you is all that’s left?” It sorts through years of work and toil to find everything broken down on “demolition day.” While some things are never fully answered, Nichole uncovers a profound answer in the middle of emotional and mental pain. That answer is that in the process of being “unmade”, we are being “made” more whole. In this new beginning, Nichole says, “before each beginning, there must be an ending.” This song could be a huge answer to those questioning current circumstances. “There is beauty in the breaking” and many times the only way to discover ourselves and more about others is in “the unmaking.”

You can watch the video here:


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