State of Play #008 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 5)
by Andrew Funderburk on 2015-04-10 10:40:27


After all that’s been said in the past few weeks, I think it’s time to name off a few people who are doing well what many aren’t doing in the Christian music industry, as well as, why they seem to be doing well. While not in any particular order, here we go.

A new face to music that is already set on course for greatness is NF. Described as being “a combination of Macklemore and Drake's flow along with Eminem's energy” (, his transparency and raw energy are incredible even more for an artist that is debuting, as well as for a rap artist. Already, his music has been featured on ESPN, Grimm, Chicago P.D., and MTVU. Stand-out songs from his debut project include Motivated, Mansion, and Notepad.

The second person chosen for this list is Nichole Nordeman. She hit her highest acclaim back in the early 2000s and since her last release Recollections, she has seemed to be more in the background of music. She is still working in the industry, which can be seen with the likes of her writing the entire album for The Story: Music Inspired by the Story, her appearance on the Billy Graham inspiration album My Hope, and continuing to write for other artists. Her ballads capture so much emotion and describe life in deep reality. On top of that, her lyrical style is excellent in describing much of what can’t be put into words at times. Despite releasing multiple albums, she never seems to run dry of fresh ideas. Her music has been featured in movies and video games. Some examples of her creative genius would be songs like Brave, Lay It Down, and Someday.

A popular and highly sought after artist for the rock genre would be Skillet. This band has been able to cross borders that many others have not access to. With a music history that is now nearing 20 years, Skillet’s success in both mainstream and Christian markets is incredible. Despite being able to crossover well, they never have lost the message of hope that their music holds. They have been nominated for awards with several awarding organizations, while winning with others like the Billboard awards. Efforts that have been highly applauded are some of their most recent albums including Awake and Rise.

A highly underrated artist, and former backup singer for Rebecca St. James, Charmaine grabbed hold of the pop/dance category and has soared. Her most recent album Love Reality and the Love Somebody EP both received high acclaim, although not receiving a lot of radio attention. The beats that are crafted are mesmerizing at times, while others lean towards a more fun, poppy sound. Her choruses, though easy to remember, are still deep. Notable songs of hers include Empire, Revolutionary Thought, At My Door, and Not Fair.

While there are multiple other artists out there who are producing solid music, these are just a few in different genres that automatically stand out to me. In light of the previous articles, who are some artists that you see are doing well?


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