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Most Addictive Song (for now) #006 Rapture Ruckus "Mr. Roboto"
by Kevin Thorson on 2015-02-17 09:09:15
image mas2.jpg for Most Addictive Song (for now) #006 Rapture Ruckus
Surprise, surprise, a Rapture Ruckus song that's addicting, no way. Yes, yes, ALL Rapture Ruckus songs are addictive, but especially this one as of late. "Mr. Roboto" is all up in my head with nowhere to go and I'm not minding it.

The mixture of heavy distortion and dance loops really makes this a fun track to listen to and show your friends. I love the stops before the chorus and the blatant guitars (I always love guitars plastered all over the place). My favorite line is the "my arm has started swingin' like a broken chicken wing". Like I said this is pure fun.

Check it out and share it with all your buddies!

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