The Letter Black Postpones Release of "Rebuild" To Write More Music
by Team Addict - Kevin Thorson on 2013-04-17 11:17:51


The band will be releasing their next album "Rebuild" on November 11th. See the latest info here

Just about an hour ago The Letter Black announced on their Facebook page that they were pushing back the release of their new album "Rebuild" in order to add three more songs. They wrote that ten songs just weren't enough. The original release date was set for Tuesday, April 23. See the quote from them below.

"Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay on the release of our record “Rebuild”. The reason it has been delayed is because we are recording 3 more songs to put on this record. We felt like 10 songs wasn’t enough so we are going into the studio in 2 weeks with Grammy Nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust, Staind, 3 Doors Down). We will be taking videos and photos of us in the studio, so let us know what you want to see and hear. We will get you a release date on “Rebuild” SOON!

XOXO - Sarah"

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