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Jordan For Jesus #037 "My Delight - Joy of My Heart (All I Need Is Jesus)"

The Bible tells us to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, strength and mind. To love the Lord is not a feeling but rather it is a choice. It is a choice to choose Jesus instead of sin, self, and the ways of the world 24/7.
Jordan For Jesus #036 "I Will Wait (All I Need Is Jesus)"

Sometimes, it is good to wait on the Lord and allow Him to take care of things instead of trying to take matters into our own hands and do things on our own.
Jordan For Jesus #035 "For Life (All I Need Is Jesus)"

In life, there are so many distractions. Distractions are anything that separates you from God and that pulls you away from God rather than drawing you closer to Him.
Jordan For Jesus #034 "You Never Forsake Me (All I Need Is Jesus)"

Nothing in this entire world can satisfy the human heart like the one who created it. Nothing compares with God and He will never leave nor forsake you. He satisfies completely! With God, we lack no good thing.
Jordan For Jesus #033 "Trust in Jesus (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

In the Bible, God reminds us not to fear 365 times. F.e.a.r. stands for false evidence appearing real. Fear is really a lie. Do not believe fear! Fear comes from satan to keep people from everything God has called them to be and..
Jordan For Jesus #032 "Dream Big (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

Always dream big, but don't just dream any dream. Dream the dreams that God has for you and your life. When you dream the dreams God has for you and your life, you are dreaming in the will, plan and purpose God has for your life.
Jordan For Jesus #031 "Faith Unsinkable (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

Trials can either cause you to sink into them or to rise above them by keeping your eyes fixed only on Jesus Christ. Trials always prove if a person's faith is truly genuine or not.
Jordan For Jesus #030 "Hurricanes (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

When you delight yourself in the Lord and when He is your first and only love, hurricanes or no hurricanes, you have peace that surpasses all understanding in the storms you encounter and experience in life.
Jordan For Jesus #029 "Trust in God (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

Everyone faces trials in life, and everyone handles them differently. I have learned that the best way to handle trials is to not handle them at all.
Jordan For Jesus #028 "Well Done (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

By placing the trials you face into God's hands, rather than taking them into your own hands, you allow God to take care of them knowing that the outcome is that God has already won the battle because He has overcome the world.
Jordan For Jesus #027 "End of Me (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

As Christ-followers, when we come to the end of ourselves we find who we really are in Christ Jesus because at the end of self is Christ. True worth, value and identity is not found in people, the world or even ourselves.
Jordan For Jesus #026 "Hope (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

Jesus is our only hope, and without Him we have no hope. If God did not send His one and only Son, into the dark, sinful, hopeless, lifeless, world we would be doomed to an eternity of hell.
Jordan For Jesus #025 "No Holding Back (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

As Christ-followers, it is so important that we share Jesus with the world. This is what God has called His people to do, in the Bible, in Mark 16:15 which says, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
Jordan For Jesus #024 "God Our Guardian (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

God makes it very clear in His word, the Bible, why we are mistreated in the world. Although we are mistreated, it is not about us or what we go through in this life. It is all about Jesus!
Jordan For Jesus #023 "God Is More Than Enough (All I Need Is Jesus)" (Thursday Series)

Nothing can truly satisfy the human heart but the one who created it. People are searching for something to fill the empty void in their heart.

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