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State of Play #014 "The Battle of the Music"

Recently, a topic that was brought up by a former college professor surfaced in a conversation I was having with someone who has many years on me. The topic was of how modern worship songs tend to gravitate more towards focus of self rather than attention..
State of Play #013 "Summer Top 10"

The other week, I listed my top 5 CCM album recommendations for your 2015 summer. With summer now more alive than ever, I wanted to give some more variety. While not a comprehensive list, this week I’ll be giving you my top 10 recommends from the..
State of Play #012 "Summer of CCM: Top 5 Albums For Your Playlist"

The weather is warming up, and on technical terms, we’re about 15 days away from it being officially summer. With everything that will be happening this summer, from vacations, to chill time with the family, Independence Day celebrations..
State of Play #011 "American Idol: Their CCM Legacy"

In the recent announcement of American Idol stating that their last season will be next year, the wheels started turning through the artists that AI brought to the music scene. There were some winners who went on to be successful, while others seem to have..
State of Play #010 "In the Unmaking"

This past Monday I saw an artist whose lyrical stories have touched many lives, while more recently seeing Prince do a cover of her song, make a return to music after remaining somewhat dormant for almost seven years. On April 23rd, Nichole Nordeman..
State of Play #009 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 6)

In finishing my ongoing thoughts for this series, one thing that I consistently hear people say that they would like to hear in Christian music specifically would be honesty. I hear so much honesty in the mainstream about how “great” it’s been breaking up with someone..
State of Play #008 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 5)

After all that’s been said in the past few weeks, I think it’s time to name off a few people who are doing well what many aren’t doing in the Christian music industry, as well as, why they seem to be doing well. While not in any particular order, here we go..
State of Play #007 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 4)

“How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard?” These questions have echoed before the time they were even penned. Now, this same call is still waiting to..
State of Play #006 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 3)

This week we move forward to the questions, "Why...does the one [mainstream music] sound more appealing in presentation?" and "What is it that draws my ear, as well as many others, to the mainstream musical sound..
State of Play #005 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 2)

Last week the basic question was asked, “Why does there appear to be a creativity gap between Christian and mainstream music?” There were several questions that I listed that have not only been asked by myself, but they are also questions that have come from others directed..
State of Play #004 "Unappealing and Nothing New" (Part 1)

On a consistent basis I flip on my local Christian music station to find music that encourages me and isn’t feeding me a trashy message. On the other hand though, I find that on an almost equally consistent basis I’m a little (or greatly) disappointed with the lack of creativity that I find on mainstream Christian radio stations..
State of Play #003 "Emotionally Involved" (Part 3)

For the past two weeks, I brought to our attention the way that modern worship can be more about stirring up an emotional response, rather than maintaining a focus on God. Granted, God can stir up an emotional response to Him during our times of worship; however, we must keep in mind that during worship we are..
State of Play #002 "Emotionally Involved" (Part 2)

Being from Mississippi, then traveling to Minnesota, and then flying across the Pacific to live overseas, I’ve walked into various churches with different styles of worship. I’ve been to the church whose worship is very liturgical. I’ve also experienced the opposite, where the worship is all free flow. Then there have been the places where there have been..
State of Play #001 "Emotionally Involved" (Part 1)

When you step into a church building or an arena, ready to stand, or to sit, and to sing along with those around you, do you ever question, “Why am I here?” As you sing out songs like One Thing Remains, Oceans, Amazing Grace, and other common songs sung in worship, in what way do these songs strike your heart? Do you remember the times His love didn’t fail you? Do you really want your trust to have no borders and to fully trust where God may lead you?

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